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Doing the Most in a Triage Situation

I have been at the National Air and Space Museum this year working on a “triage” conservation project. The team put together a poster describing our work for the annual conference for the American Institute of Conservation (AIC) in Miami this week. The main purpose of the project is to…

National Air and Space Museum

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On the bench: a two venturi carburetor from a WWII aircraft.  Alloys with magnesium were chosen for their strength and lightweight properties in aircraft manufacture.  However, magnesium is very reactive and quickly corrodes.  We are treating the magnesium corrosion on these engine components by removing the corrosion products and stabilizing…

American Indian headdress

This week we are on-site restoring an American Indian headdress for the Carbon County Museum in preparation for a new exhibit that opens on June 15th.  The conservation treatment includes stabilizing the textiles, which are fragile due to insect damage, and cleaning the feathers and other elements.