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Preservation Assessment

A preservation assessment examines the factors that affect the long-term preservation of collections, identifies risk,  and develops a strategic preservation plan that prioritizes collections stewardship for grant applications and preventive care.

Collection Condition Survey

A collection condition survey examines and documents the overall condition of a discrete group of artifacts in an art or heritage collection. Artifact Conservation Services performs item-level and collection-wide condition surveys.

Preventative Conservation

Preventive care seeks to minimize risk to collections by controlling the agents of deterioration through policy and procedure. Artifact Conservation Services provides consultations, planning, and support for preventive conservation.

Education and Training

Artifact Conservation Services presents workshops on collections care and  best practices topics to improve collections stewardship and to Increase staff and stakeholders knowledge about collections standards.


  • collections care and preventive conservation
  • emergency preparedness
  • archival materials and methods for storage and display
  • safe care and handling practices
  • maintenance of outdoor sculpture
  • metals in museum collections
  • hazardous materials in museum collections
  • health and human safety