Collections Management

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Collections Management Plan

Artifact Conservation Services provides consultation services to develop, review, revise, or update collections management policies and procedures for institutions, corporate, and private collections.

Collections Care

Artifact Conservation Services provides consultation services, project management, and project support services for collections care and maintenance initiatives.

  • preventive conservation
  • environmental monitoring
  • collection storage plans
  • rehousing and fabrication of storage mounts
  • collections inventory
  • improving access to collections
  • handling and care recommendations
  • exhibit materials and mounts
  • practical, cost-effective solutions for collections care

Emergency Response

  • emergency planning
  • response and salvage support
  • immediate remedial conservation treatments for objects damaged by disasters

Curatorial Services

  • research and report writing
  • artifact and records processing: identifying, accessioning, cataloging, labeling, documenting.
  • photography, scanning, and digitization.
  • coordination and interpretation of technical and materials analysis