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Preventative Conservation

preventive care seeks to minimize risk to collections by controlling the agents of deterioration through policy and procedure. Artifact Conservation Services provides consultations, planning, and support for preventive conservation.

  • museum environment: light conditions, temperature, relative humidity, pests, pollutants
  • storage and handling
  • emergency planning
  • collections care and maintenance
  • archival storage and exhibit materials
  • housekeeping and integrated pest management
  • education
  • intellectual control

Condition Reports

Condition reports are written examination reports that document and assess the condition of an object of art, archaeology, or history for insurance, loans, acquisitions, or exhibit purposes.

  • digital photographic documentation
  • technical and material analysis and interpretation
  • conservation treatment cost-estimate

Conservation Treatment

Artifact Conservation Services provides museum-quality conservation treatments for three-dimensional art objects, sculpture, and historic artifacts of various media.

On-site conservation services are available for non-transportable artworks and artifacts.

  • treatment
  • cleaning
  • stabilizing
  • repairing
  • restoration

Tara Hornung specializes in objects conservation and has experience with a wide range of materials:

  • archaeological, ethnographic, and humanities collections
  • history, science, technology, and military collections
  • decorative and fine arts
  • public art
  • outdoor sculpture
  • contemporary art
  • folk art
  • mixed media sculpture
  • metals
  • firearms and weapons
  • pottery and ceramic
  • glass
  • leather and skin
  • ivory, bone, horn
  • baskets
  • textiles
  • painted wood and polychrome surfaces
  • plastics

Conservation treatments are performed with museum quality materials and methods in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice of the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.