Artifact Conservation Services provides on-site preservation consultation, collections management, exhibit support, and conservation treatment services for archaeological, historic, and artistic works in government, museum, corporate, and private collections.

• Object examinations and condition reports for storage, exhibit, and loans
• Object photography, scanning, and digitization
• Object handling, packing, and shipping
• Collection condition surveys and collections inventory
• Collection storage plans and collection storage moves
• Conservation assessments
• Conservation treatments
• Preservation planning and grant readiness for preservation programs
• Environmental monitoring
• Museum Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
• Emergency preparedness and response

Artifact Conservation Services is a qualified federal contractor and is available to provide services as a contractor, partner, or subcontractor. Clients include the National Park Service, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Wyoming Military Department, NineDot Arts, Dean and Associates Conservation Services, Carbon County Museum, Colorado University Art Museum, Denver Arts and Venues, Denver Botanical Gardens, Travelers Insurance, and private clients.